My home is Hawaii.

For all the nomads out there, I would like to confirm to you, that there is indeed a special beauty about going home after a very long period of time. This feeling may be nostalgia or a sense of belonging, and I am seeking to determine which it is. Do I belong here, or am … More My home is Hawaii.

Guest Post on Reach Financial Independence with Pauline

Recently I had my first guest post on another blog, Reach Financial Independence with Pauline.  This is a big event for me, as I have not been consistently blogging for long, and would really like to reach out to the financial independence and early retirement (FIRE) community. I wanted to give you some highlights of … More Guest Post on Reach Financial Independence with Pauline

Geoarbitrage in Australia

Geoarbitrage, made popular by Tim Ferris of the 4-Hour Work Week is well-talked about in the circle of people seeking Financial Independence and Early Retirement (FIRE). Geoarbitrage is the act of capitalizing on price differences in different parts of the world. This may involve moving over by entire states to reduce living costs and taxes … More Geoarbitrage in Australia