The Amazing Pink Lake – Port Gregory

Surely one of the best ways to pick up girls is to tell them you live near a pink lake. That’s right, genuinely pink, not just an optical illusion. Since moving to this island/continent called Australia, I was invited over to visit a friend on the west coast. He is an old friend from a previous life, and currently lives in Fremantle, just south of Perth. It was the hottest time of year–just after Christmas, so some of our trip was no joke!

From my online searches, pink lakes become pink because of the balance of algae, bacteria, and in some lakes a high concentration of prawns. The one we visited in Port Gregory was very salty to the point of there being salt formations around the rim of the lake. The pinkness of the lake varies with the weather, and sometimes with the time of day, so I think we were lucky it turned out so pink!

There is a great list of pink lakes here if you want to visit one yourself–although somehow Port Gregory did not make the list. We chose to visit Port Gregory because it was closer to Perth 5 1/2 hours compared to 7 1/2 hours to Pink Lake in Esperance (and good thing, because Lake Esperance, apparently hasn’t been pink for years!)

DSC04100.JPGThe view from were we parked near Port Gregory.


Some local interactive art.

DSC04098.JPGMilkshake pink.

I have to say, I was tickled pink by the experience. It is something special to see something natural that does not fit with your expectations. It was also a lovely place for photography, and nobody else was there when we went!


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